Frequently asked questions

1. Do I have to register in order to view the childcare services on offer?

No. Non-registered users can also access the system to search for and view the childcare services on offer. You have to register if you want to submit a request for childcare services.

2. How can I make a request for childcare services?

In order to make a request for childcare services, you must first register and then you can apply to a specific facility. If you want to submit a request, you must complete all the fields marked as required (indicated with an asterix (*)).

3. Can a request for childcare services only be made online?

No. The portal is just one way to make a request for childcare services. You can, of course, also make a request directly at the facility. A personal request to the facility for childcare services will be processed by LITTLE BIRD in exactly the same way as an online request.

4. Why do I have to register?

Registration is required if you would like to make a request for childcare services.

5. Why am I required to provide a phone number when making a request for childcare services?

The phone number is required by the facility's management so they can contact you if they need to clarify anything about your enquiry. This is why the phone number is a mandatory field.

6. What is meant by "priority" for the childcare request?

Specifying priority when requesting childcare services relates to the facility you select. For example, if you put your name down for more than one facility, priority indicates the order of your preferences. Specifying priority with a “1” when you request a particular facility means that this facility is your absolute favorite. All subsequent requests (with priority 2 or lower or with no specific indicator) mean that you are less interested in these facilities.

7. What happens after I have made a request for childcare services?

Your request will be sent to your selected facility. As soon as you have visited this facility in person, the facility can reserve a slot for you.

8. Can a reservation be rejected?

Yes. Pre-registration is a non-binding request for childcare services which helps the facility plan how many slots are needed. Neither the provider nor the facility is legally obligated to make the pre-registered slot available.

9. How are slots allocated?

You must first visit the selected facility in person. Your information will then be verified in the system so slots can be allocated and contracts can be issued. Slots are allocated on a decentralized basis by the facilities themselves. LITTLE BIRD has no influence over the allocation of slots. If you have any questions, please contact the particular facility directly.

10. Why do I have to visit in person?

Visiting in person is required for security reasons in order to establish your identity as an individual. Your request can only be considered in allocating slots once you have visited a facility in person so that it can be determined that your request is not a sham or a hoax.

11. How do I introduce myself personally?

You are considered to have "introduced yourself" when you have identified yourself personally with a document that confirms your identity at at least one facility. This one-time in-person visit suffices to submit requests for childcare services with other facilities.

12. How can I obtain a slot for a sibling at the same facility?

If one of your children is already being cared for at the facility, you can state this in the childcare request. These children are generally given preference when the facility is allocating slots.

13. How can I contact the facilities directly or in person?

In order to contact a specific facility, you should use the facility's contact details in the respective portal profile. If the data you require has not been entered into the particular profile, please contact the city administrative offices.

14. What is a provider?

Provider is the description for a legal entity that runs one or more daycare facilities and is responsible for ensuring compliance with legal provisions. It does not refer to the facility's management.

15. What does KIGA mean?

KIGA is the abbreviation for kindergarten.